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Summanity Transition Talks

The 2021 Summanity Series: 'Transition Talks' builds on the outcomes of previous Summanity events but they are open to new participants. They are empowered by Humanity Solutions and the Foresight-Transitions network and will be informative but laid-back 1.5 hour online get togethers. The main aim will be to exchange different perspectives and tips and tricks between participants on how to navigate the coming period, to build resources, and to strengthen their network

The Transition Talks will center around 11 key transitions that can help you along your path to define and build your home(s) ahead, to reduce costs, and make more targeted investments, more consciously.

Because of our partnerships, participants may also discuss:
- which policies and solutions could help humanity
- which properties (digital real estate, venture participation, real estate) may help them to be better positioned towards the future.
- which thinkers and influencers are worthwhile to follow
- which new habits can be helpful
To allow for quality engagement, we are limiting each Summanity event to 20 participants. First come first serve.
Online gathering

$0 - $19
Upcoming Transition Talks
From harmful farming and consumption to smart eating and consuming in diverse ecosystems
We all eat. Ideally, every day. Sometimes more than we're supposed to, sometimes less. Come join the conversation concerning harmful farming and eating, how it affects you and how we can consume and produce food smartly, creating diverse ecosystems as we eat or farm along. Come learn about building food security closer to home. Come find out how we can improve our consumption patterns in general.

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29 July
18:00 UTC
From faulty, useless, or harmful constructions to safe havens and functional shelters
We live in an ever more volatile world, a place where it seems increasingly complex to "simply build your own home". We are moving to cities where housing prices are going up and seem to be on their way to becoming unaffordable for generations to come. Perhaps you are finding that your own homestead is also threatened. How do you find, develop, and maintain your own safe haven? How can you build functional shelters and homes for others?

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30 August
18:00 UTC
From isolating or emptying spaces to active communities, flourishing innovative networks, and a revitalizing economy
As the group of elderly people grows and younger people move from the countryside to cities, former industrial locations become abandoned, and old monasteries become vacant, what happens to the areas that seem somewhat left behind? Join us in this reflection and in deciding your own connections with those places.
23 September
19:00 UTC
From overwhelmed locations to more relaxed urban environments, and more considerate travel and migration flows
Migration flows lead to overcrowded refugee camps, some cities grow overcrowded and urbanites start to lose a sense of connection to nature, what is stopping us from reconnecting to healthier spaces outside of the cities? How can we bring nature into town? Can we improve the habits, norms, and policies around traveling and migration to have more constructive and peaceful migration flows.
14 October
15:00 UTC
From hoarded scarce resources and monopoly abuses to room for entrepreneurship, good governance, and shared stewardship
Humanity is on its way to 10 billion people consuming their way through ever scarcer resources. Inequality has been on the rise. Power struggles seem to be increasing too. How can we manage them? What is your thinking around the tension between exclusive private property or monopolies, and shared stewardship? What type of governance instruments can allow for more suitable policies and more flexible adjustments? What are the methods and tools that can be useful to manage scarce goods in a more efficient manner?
11 November
19:30 UTC
From consuming to investing
How can we learn to live with less, or with just the right amount? How can we learn to invest more? To build the roads forward, the transitions ahead, and ultimately our new homes. Learn with a pragmatic and diverse network of foresight enthusiasts. Come join us in this 2 day retreat.
2 December to 3 December
Featured Summanitarians
Exchanging perspectives and insights.
Sharing choices and practical tips.
Wilfried De Wever
Klaudia Prodani
Connor Sattely
Nathalie Dijkman
Eamon Aloyo
Robert Reiz
Gerald Abila
Hasan Aloul
Sietske van der Veen
Julia Prodani
Amber Urquhart
Benjamin Kumpf
Dmitry Surkov
Ahmed Farah
Junjie Ma
Amina Islam
Dirk von Heinrichshorst
Mark Studholme
Babatunde Ibidapo-Obe
Ethan Mayers
Robert Okello
Zoe Gorman

This is the standard Summanity schedule.
Transition talks may vary.
After sign up you get more information via e-mail.
- Previous Summanity outcomes and Foresight-Transitions short overview
- Talks by every one of the participants to exchange his or her perspective on what is happening around us, exchange insights and tips, and allow for written questions in the chat for follow up
- Concluding round e-table
- End
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