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From fears of infection and unhealthy lifestyles to healthier places
Ghandi said "sanitation is more important than independence". The COVID-pandemic has halted some of our ever more sedentary worlds. How do you move forward in the next few months? How do you build a healthy lifestyle and how will you keep your family or community fit? Looking at health broadly also entails emotional health or preventing health issues down the road. Health is the cornerstone of all our activities. What can we do in our lives to make sure we are healthy enough to be able to build a better world?

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28 January
18:00 UTC
From false information to fertile truths
If you or your organization are deciding on the best way forward, you need to be sufficiently certain about some facts concerning the world around you. Truths can ground us and help us collaborate. Lies can tear communities apart. Join us as we discuss the causes and effects of false information and the ways in which we can battle its distribution.

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25 February
17:00 UTC
From depleting and polluting to conserving, cleansing, and regenerating
Many of the world's precious natural resources today are becoming depleted or dangerously polluted. In some cases, this leaves humans and animals alike with little to no choice of what to survive on. Air pollution alone kills an estimated 7 million people worldwide every year. An estimated two billion people drink contaminated water.
What can you do about this and how can you make sure you keep the air and water around you clean in the years to come?

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25 March
14:00 UTC
From flood threats to water channeling, higher grounds, and H2 energy
As the climate warms, the atmosphere can hold and release more moisture, meaning heavy downpours are on the rise in many countries around the world. Oceans are rising too. This means homes and ecosystems near coastal areas and river banks are particularly vulnerable. Join us in exchanging views on how to better protect your home, how to move to higher grounds or, even learn about the transformation of water into H2 energy.

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22 April
17:00 UTC
From overheating places and drought to cooler areas with solar energy, good water governance, and sufficient access to drinking water
The average temperature of the world is rising steadily and has been for a while. This leaves many locations that were once perfectly "viable" for human settlement overheated and increasingly difficult to live in. With global temperatures rising and droughts becoming more and more imminent, it has become key that we improve our methods and means to utilize, manage, and distribute water both at home, in your shower or your ways of cooking, as well as in your city or country infrastructure. Come, join us in understanding how to improve water governance, use the sun's energy to your advantage, create somewhat fresher environments more effectively or, if necessary, prepare for a move towards a somewhat cooler location.

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21 May
19:00 UTC
From legal uncertainty to confident investing
Building the resilient and thriving homes of tomorrow requires public and private investments; in real estate, in innovative ventures and in the digital realm. At the same time, resource scarcity, economic volatility, rapid growth, or migration may trigger new conflicts and bring the risk of property encroachment, theft, legal uncertainty, compliance issues, or corruption. Join a group of experts in property development, governance, land rights, and legal innovation to understand how to navigate these challenges effectively, tap into new opportunities, or find and build protection when it starts to feel too late.

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24 June
16:00 UTC
From harmful farming and consumption to smart eating and consuming in diverse ecosystems
We all eat. Ideally, every day. Sometimes more than we're supposed to, sometimes less. Come join the conversation concerning harmful farming and eating, how it affects you and how we can consume and produce food smartly, creating diverse ecosystems as we eat or farm along. Come learn about building food security closer to home. Come find out how we can improve our consumption patterns in general.

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29 July
18:00 UTC
From faulty, useless, or harmful constructions to safe havens and functional shelters
We live in an ever more volatile world, a place where it seems increasingly complex to "simply build your own home". We are moving to cities where housing prices are going up and seem to be on their way to becoming unaffordable for generations to come. Perhaps you are finding that your own homestead is also threatened. How do you find, develop, and maintain your own safe haven? How can you build functional shelters and homes for others?

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30 August
18:00 UTC